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  • Pragmatic HR leaders with 40 years of combined experience in leading and transforming small to large organizations
  • Experienced practitioners in executive and growth coaching, change leadership, org design, M & A, integrations, transformational growth, the influence of people structure and technology
  • Advisors who facilitate the acceleration of your organization to the next level of growth and outcomes

Our Story

Our 8 year journey together has navigated us through 3 states, multiple employers, many cars, several adventures and a lot of challenge.  Along the way, we have each experienced organizational culture, transformation and had the privilege of problem solving.  Although, this journey has not been without pain, scars, and fails – but many more wins, relationships, rewards, and professional fulfillment. 

So – what is our secret?  Why are we a great team?  Similar questions drive us and our work:

  • CAN you be a little bit pregnant?  Guess what, the answer is still nope!  We have a passion to drive leaders and organizations to and through difficult decisions.  Kind candor book ended with authenticity and follow through is our compass.  We believe in sound, clear decision making and can help leaders and organizations make them.
  • Why the surprise face?  Most of life (and therefore business) is a pattern.  There are “tells”, inputs and therefore often predictable outcomes.  If organizations do not thoughtfully set up their infrastructure, why the surprise when it crumbles?  If culture is not a priority, why the surprise when its toxic?  If you don’t have the right people on point, why the surprise when there is not Transformational Growth?
  • Why not?  The spirit of curiosity, the freedom of experimentation, and the willingness to fail fast.  There is rarely a problem that can’t be solved.  It just takes time, energy, and a “WHY NOT attitude” to face challenge, encourage radical thinking, and surrounding yourself with the right people to accelerate growth.
  • Would you take a bullet?  Loyalty.  Character. Trust.  Yea, we got that!


As a former CHRO and CPO For various healthcare companies and systems, Erika brings 20 years of experience in HR strategy, Organizational Design, M&A/integration, and Talent Acquisition. She is passionate about building and transforming HR teams by partnering with CEOs and HR leaders to drive growth through transformation that a scalable and sustainable. Erika has an MM in organizational design.

Aaron is an expert in HR Systems, HR Analytics, Compensation Design, and Operational Efficiency. With 10 years in progressive HR leadership in Human Resources for healthcare, home health and other industries, he brings insight, expertise, and value to workforce planning, due diligence, and has the unique ability to analyze people data and dashboards. Aaron has an MBA from western Michigan University.

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